Monday, June 28, 2010

"Broomsticks" Website launched Today

I'm pleased to announce that the official "Broomsticks" website is up and running! So, saddle up your nearest broom and fly on over!

Friday, June 18, 2010

"Bewitched" Star Endorses "Broomsticks"

"Engaging stories and wonderful illustrations... "Broomsticks" will certainly charm a new generation of magic fans!"
-Erin Murphy (Tabitha of TV's "Bewitched")

Broomsticks Over HOLLYWOOD!

The Bewitched Fan Fare, a convention for fans of the TV Series, "Bewitched", will be promoting "Broomsticks" at this year's festivities from June 18-20, in Hollywood, California.

The organizer of the Fan Fare, Mark Simpson, read that the classic witch-com took part in the book's inspiration and offered to help get the word out about Stamp & Pocky. "Broomsticks" comic books will also be given away as door prizes.

The three day event will include a visit to the Warner Bros. Studio Ranch where "Bewitched" was filmed.