Thursday, October 29, 2009

Meet Stamp & Pocky!

Stamp and Pocky are nine year olds who attend a school for gifted students, but these two are a little more gifted than the others. They're witches!

Pocky McGuire had no idea why she was different. No one else in her family could levitate books or freeze an angry dog in his tracks. She felt alone in the world until one day when she met the strange boy with the goatee.

Unlike Pocky, Stamp had no doubt in his mind who he was. He was , first and foremost , a witch. He was raised by witches and would use his witchcraft at the drop of a pointed hat.

Upon meeting, Pocky had hoped she could befriend her magical counterpart and learn a few tricks of the trade. But, Stamp was a sorcerer who didn't need an apprentice, and he was prejudiced against all things mortal and mortal-like... including Pocky. Will it take magic to bring these two kindred spirits together?

The real magic of "Broomsticks" isn't the witchcraft. It's the magic you find in a special friendship and magic you find in just being yourself.

Welcome Aboard!